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CX Researcher

I am a CX researcher with over 10 years of experience designing and executing rigorous quantitative and qualitative customer research to identify pain points, opportunities and best practices. I collaborate closely with product marketing and other stakeholders to deliver research telling impactful stories.

I believe that experience research can enable organizations to develop better, more inclusive and accessible products, services, and practices by listening to all voices.

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I leverage my background in consumer behavior, marketing and strategy across my research. The projects featured below showcase different research approaches that I apply as a mixed-methods researcher, and highlight how their insights can drive meaningful action.

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The objective of this project was to identify goals, priorities, and practices that set organizations leading in CX apart from those that are lagging. It uses a panel survey research approach, focusing on managers familiar with the organization's CX practices.
The findings identify how successful organizations set strategy, capture customer feedback, and take action on this feedback. The research has implications primarily for Voice-of-the-Customer programs and omnichannel management.


This project uses online survey research to understand the patient journey for those that take medications for chronic illnesses. It identifies information needs and sources across different stages. 
This research shows that there are a lot of information needs post-visit that are currently unmet but that patients would like to have to manage a chronic illness better. 
The insights highlight different ways in which healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies can connect with patients to facilitate better information flow and meet information needs.


Using a patient journey perspective, this research contrasts and compares secondary data from pharmaceutical products with user-generated content from pharmaceutical product reviews to understand the consequences and impact of content-centric regulation on the type of information that currently exists in the marketplace. 
The insights from this research can help policymakers develop better policies or take earlier actions to prevent excessively complex product information from emerging, and allow for customer-centric information to be present in channels part of the patient journey.

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I am an experienced CX researcher and passionate to understand customer and user journeys to identify opportunities to design better products, services and experiences.

My research philosophy is that "if you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." Therefore, I have both quantitative and qualitative research methods in my toolset, and constantly seek out new ways to expand it even more. I believe that the research problem drives the method, not the other way around. 

My research and thought leadership helps decision-makers and policymakers to understand how they can provide better, more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable market- and workplaces. I’m a mixed-methods researcher, using both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand both consumers and organizations.

I approach user and customer research from a DEI perspective. When designing, executing, and analyzing data, I intentionally focus on uncovering insights from segments whose voices are often absent or diluted in research to support best practices in product, service, or experience design that are inclusive, accessible, and equitable. In my academic research, I primarily focus on developing frameworks and studying behavior that advance positive societal change, such as social responsibility and activism.

I am an avid writer and storyteller and have written and collaborated on over 30 publications, including research reports, articles, book chapters, and blogs in both industry and academic outlets. In addition, I regularly present and talk about my research to various stakeholders - whether as part of a meeting, webinar, conference, or podcast.

When I’m not working, I’m actively engaged in my community. I’m a Fellow in the Leadership Lincoln program and currently serve on their "Hot Topics" committee where I create copy and assets to publish and manage these special events on social media and distribute them through press releases. I also serve as the VP of Communications - Website for the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association where I support the communications team through website and event management.

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